The Bikeriders

Trailer #2 - Character ADR “Some people would rather crash than slow down.”

Of An Age

Trailer script “One day One chance One feeling...”


“Once there was a place… where they sent people who didn’t fit into the real world…” etc. I wrote the custom VO that you hear in the trailer and TV campaign for the unique Focus drama “Wolf” starring the remarkable George Mackay. Client: Focus Features, Mary Catherine Kieth

The Card Counter

A co-production of Tucker Parsons Creative, and Archer Productions Produced by Tucker Parsons, Eric Archer, and Ron Moler Edited by Eric Archer Written by Tucker Parsons Client: Amanda Levin, Nancy Goliger, Focus Features


Calls Trailer Client: Grandson

The Domestics



Nothing Ever Changes Until Change Cannot Be Stopped

Pineapple Express

One Hit Can Ruin Your Whole Day Key Art Award Winner (Best Copy Line)


In 2003, The Beagle 2 Mars Rover was launched. Its final transmission was classified top secret. It was the only warning we would ever get. I Came Up With A Lot Of Stuff For This Campaign, Including... In 2007 The World Will Be Transformed ...Which Got Used Everywhere, And The Print Line... Some Are Here [...]

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

They Are The World's Deadliest Assassins Their Identities Are Secret ... Even To Each Other.

John Q

Give A Father No Options You Leave Him No Choice

The Contender

Sometimes You Can Assassinate A Leader Without Firing A Shot.