Tucker Parsons was Creative Director of the Writing Department at Ignition Creative in Santa Monica (now in Playa Vista) from 2002 to 2015. Starting as their sole writer, he then recruited and led the industry’s top writing team, and helped Ignition grow from a group of a dozen friends doing trailers and TV spots for movies into a leading creative agency of over 200 employees working in all platforms. After his feature screenplay “Whalemen” won a place on the Hollywood Black List in 2012, he took leave from Ignition to write a feature film for Warner Bros. which led to get other scriptwriting jobs. He then spent a year as head writer at the movie & tv marketing agency Open Road before going independent in 2016. He now runs his own independent writing business, Tucker Parsons Creative Inc. working for studios, creative agencies and producers. He lives in LA with his wife and daughters.

Writing Services

  • Trailer Scripts
  • TV Spots
  • Teaser & Special Shoot Concept Scripts
  • ADR and Custom Dialog
  • Print & Campaign Lines
  • Stunt , Takeover & Special Event Pitches
  • Strategic Presentations
  • Partnership and Show Reels
  • Digital Campaigns


Tucker has received numerous Key Art Awards (now called the Cleo Entertainment Awards) and nominations for trailers and TV spots that featured his copy. He has won BEST COPY LINE OF THE YEAR award twice, for “Pineapple Express”, and “Talladega Nights”.

His feature screenplay WHALEMEN was awarded a place on the Hollywood Blacklist in 2012, and featured on the Hollywood Hit List that same year. His screenplay “Double Bind” won the Gold Prize in the thriller category of the Page Screenwriting Awards. He has written scripts and sold stories to 20th Century Fox, DeLaurentis Productions, and others.