"Isn’t that what the American Dream is all about?" Giaronomo Productions West tasked me with writing a monologue for the main character of the upcoming crime thriller Superfly. Giving the character a relatable, almost noble backstory seemed to balance the films violent criminal themes and gives the audience a reason to root for him. Client: [...]

Yes Man

It's the first word we use but some of us never get over it. The Copy Works With The Baby Video Open, Which I Came Up With As Well


In 2003, The Beagle 2 Mars Rover was launched. Its final transmission was classified top secret. It was the only warning we would ever get. I Came Up With A Lot Of Stuff For This Campaign, Including... In 2007 The World Will Be Transformed ...Which Got Used Everywhere, And The Print Line... Some Are Here [...]

Minority Report

The Future Can Be Seen The Guilty Punished Before The Crime Is Even Committed. The System Is Perfect It's Never Wrong Until It Comes After You